Workers Compensation Services

Choose CMI for Workers Comp Comprehensive Medical, Inc has been providing Employers in the Greater Sacramento area with medical treatment for their injured workers since 1992. Our list of satisfied employers include Fortune 500 companies, local and national government, small businesses, sports teams, public and private schools, non-profit organizations and independent owner operators. We have…

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Injury Care and Treatment

CMI is an industry leader in… Primary Injury care, First Aid Treatment, Medical Surveillance, Specialist Referrals, and Modified Duty initiatives. How can we help you? Your information is confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

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Follow Up Care

CMI can assist you with follow up care. We provide… Instantaneous Work Status Reports, Aggressive Case Management, and Continual Medical Monitoring. Our goal is to get your employees back to a pre-injured state as soon as possible utilizing ACOEM guidelines, keeping the treatments conservative and preserving your mod rates. How can we help you? Your…

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